How to Have Beautiful and Wrinkle Free Skin – 3 Simple Steps Revealed

We all age and as that happens it is easy to notice the increasing amount of wrinkles, fine lines and other aging signs that start appearing not only on our face, but our whole body. While you cannot stop the aging process altogether, there are a few things you can do to significantly slow it down.

This will allow you to look much younger, much longer. Have you ever seen someone that looks like they are in their 30s or 40s, and when you ask them, they say they are actually 10 or even 20 years older than you thought they were? These are the people who know how to take care of themselves.

With all that said, I’ve discovered many steps these people take and here are just three of those. Keep in mind that while these are very simple, they do work wonders when applied consistently.

1. Circulation is essential for your skin. You can get your blood flowing easily by exercising and moving your body. You could even do yoga. This will give your skin a healthy and glowy look which will keep you younger and better looking.

2. Nutrients are the fuel of your body and mind. The best foods to consume are fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, rice, quinoa, fish and some nuts. These are filled with healthy nutrients that help keep your skin young and your health optimal.

3. Skin care is also very important. However, many people have fallen into the trap of the big skin care companies that produce products that promise a lot, but ultimately do not deliver. This can be avoided by doing your research and finding chemical-free products that only use the best natural ingredients, such as Cynergy TK, Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 and Jojoba oil, just to name a few that I use on a daily basis.

Weight Loss and “Health” & “Energy” Drinks – Neither Healthy Nor Energizing

Vitamin Waters, Health Drinks and Other Great Looking Bottles of Sugar Water

Let’s face it, water might be good for you but it’s so boring. But call it a “vitamin water,” make it in beautiful pastel colors and call it “good for you” and “healthy,” add as much sugar as in a soft drink and a whole lot of caffeine and you have a champion. The problem is most people have more vitamins than they need, since the average American diet supplies the recommended dietary allowance of vitamins and minerals.

In addition vitamins E, A, D and K do not dissolve in water and can only be absorbed with a meal containing fat. So what’s the value of putting them into a bottle of water? To taste good, 32 grams of sugar- the same as a can of soft drink is added. One of the issues is fooling yourself into thinking that drinking 32 grams of sugar is “healthy.”

What is actually in or not in a 125 calorie bottle of Vitamin water besides the sugar?

Sodium, protein and fat are zero, potassium: 150 mg, Vitamins: Vitamin C: 40%, Vitamin B3: 20%, Vitamin B6: 20%, Vitamin B12: 20%, Vitamin B5: 20,Caffeine: 70-200 mg, trace amounts of Amino acids(L.- Carnation and Taurine– natural product produced by body)., Guarana (stimulant from a plant,) Ginseng(herb), Ginko Bilob(from a tree), and antioxidants.

Caffeine is the “magic” energy compound:

A cup of coffee has 120 mg, and can of soda has 41 mg of caffeine. Caffeine produces alertness, at the same time it may cause dehydration, heart rate and blood pressure elevation as well as insomnia, headaches and anxiety. A lot of people experience significant side effects above 200mg which is about 2 cups of coffee or 4 cokes. The amino acids L-Carnation and Taurine are natural products made in the body. There is no need to add extra amounts, and there is NO proof they have any weight loss benefit. The plant products Guarana, Ginko Biloba and Ginseng have NO proven medical benefits. The same vitamins and minerals can be found in a tablet of any over the counter multi-vitamin tablet without all the sugar and zero calories.

The issue again like the sports drinks is not to be fooled by the “healthy” aura that surrounds these drinks. Look at the label.

Sugar by Any Other Name Is Still SUGAR-It’s All over the Place

Sweeteners that add calories to a beverage go by many different names and are not always obvious to anyone looking at the ingredients list. Some common caloric sweeteners are listed below. If these appear in the ingredients list of your family’s favorite beverage, they are drinking a sugar-sweetened beverage with lots of calories.

  • Succant: Sugar cane, water removed. Minerals and molasses are retained. Sucrose and invert sugars.
  • Barley Malt Syrup: Sprouted barley. Dark brown, thick and sticky; strong distinctive flavor, like molasses. sweet as white sugar.
  • Molassas: 70 percent sucrose. The dark, syrupy “leftovers” from the sugar-refining process.
  • Maple syrup: From sap of maple trees about 40 gallons of sap produce 1 gallon of syrup; 60% sucrose plus invert sugars;
  • Fructose: simple sugar from honey, tree fruits, berries, melons
  • Fruit juice concentrates: Peach, pear, grape, and pineapple juice most common. sucrose, some natural fructose.
  • Honey: Extracted from flower nectar by bees. Fructose, glucose, sucrose
  • High fructose corn syrup: Enzymatic treatment of hydrolyzed corn starch converts glucose to fructose, various concentrations of fructose and glucose become HFCS’s.
  • Sucrose: mixture of sucrose and frutose, from sugar cane, table sugar
  • Date Sugar: Ground, dehydrated dates. Sucrose, glucose, fructose, complex carbohydrates

Simple Beauty and Pleasure

When the weather turns humid with a vengeance, your make-up decides to make a run for it. The temperature may be losing its bite just a little, but the humidity is as clinging as ever. Wrapping itself around you like a wet blanket, it makes a mockery of your make-up. Among the many reasons you should not sweat the small stuff is because looking like you did doesn’t make you feel any better! Here are quick fixes during melting moments.

One of the first things to understand when combating melting make-up is that your skin’s texture and quality differs from season to season. Normal skins may become drier or oily during summer and oily skins may end up becoming more so.

The most vexing make-up issue in humid weather is that your foundation is surprised! And when the very base is affected, how can the rest of your make-up not be? The simplest way to keep foundation is its place it’s to gently blot the excess oil on the cheeks and shin with a soft tissue paper. Besides blotting papers, always carry clean powder puffs. TIP: Blot your face with a tissue at regular intervals throughout the day, even if you are indoors all the time.

On the other hand if skin is youthful and has just a few blemishes to cover, skip the foundation and use a tinted moisturizer instead. The key is to blend, blend and blend till the product is fully absorbed in to the skin and the effect is flawless.

How do you deal with smudged mascara? It’s difficult but doable. Pat eyelashes dry with a tissue and cleanup with an ear bud and pat dry again. Use water- resistant mascara for comport wear. Be careful you know the difference between water- resistant and water-proof.

If you are not careful, humidity can make your eye-shadow huddle at the creases. If that happens, dab your eyelids dry and re-blend the eye-shadow, with a brush, small sponge or an ear-bud. Avoid using fingers as that deposits more grease on the lids.

In humid weather, lipstick features more often than in dry, cold weather. Make it a point to reapply a fresh coat of lipstick when refreshing make-up. Wipe lips clean with a tissue taking care to take off the lipstick and not let it to settle outside the lip-line and apply fresh coat.

The rules are same as those for lipstick: apply a fresh coat after wiping off the old coat; apply a lip-liner of a similar shade to keep the tip-gloss in place. Too much gloss will spread. Colorless lip pencils are a great way to keep the gloss or lipsticks in place.

Women’s Heart and Health – 3 Ways For Better Heart Health

Let me give you three things to help you take care of your heart and fight cardiovascular disease. This is important for you since this is the number one disease in killing American women. In fact, 1 in 3 will die from it each year.

I know you’ve been taught to watch out for high cholesterol or hypertension. These are one of mm

Many heart diseases are hard to detect because they don’t have symptoms.

This is what you to do:

Do You Know Your Number? Get a check up with your primary physician. Go get your blood pressure, blood test just to find your LDL (bad) and HDL (good) cholesterol numbers. Get the totals. Get your fasting blood sugar and the triglycerides.

Check It Under Your Roof. Another step you can do is check your at home several times over two weeks. Perhaps 8-10 times over two weeks. Get your reading throughout those two weeks will be a better indicator of your blood pressure reading. About a quarter of doctors and nurses actually have accurate blood pressure readings according to The Journal of American Medical Association in 2008. Go to your local drugstore and get your own digital blood pressure monitors. If you want a normal blood pressure, it should be approximately 130/80 and should be there 90% of the time.

Check Up Online. Your doctor is the best choice when checking your risk of cardiovascular disease. You want to check and update this information for yourself by keeping a note online. Go to American Heart Association and check for “Go Red For Women” campaign. Go here and plug your numbers in. It’ll give you ways to change your lifestyle, risk assessment and where your numbers fall. Think of this as a jump start to getting follow up appointments with your primary physician.

Go The Extra Distance. Work the ticker. Schedule some time out of your busy day and put some walking in. Walk in various destinations around your city. Exercise your heart and get the good endorphins flowing Love you heart. You are beautiful. Take care of yourself.